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Rules and Regulations of this Forum

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Registrado: 25 Sep 2007
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MensajePublicado: Jue Jun 11, 2009 1:32 pm    Título del mensaje: Rules and Regulations of this Forum Responder citando

Welcome to Revolución al Día.org!

Space created for Political discussion and ideological formation


The Revolución al Día.org forum is a revolutionary space created for political debate, discussion of topics on ideological formation, the development of revolutionary ideas, and participation.
Your contributions in this forum are important and will be respected, as long as they do not violate our rules and regulations.
Your contributions must be made within the boundaries of responsibility, respect, courtesy, harmony, healthy coexistence and solidarity; all characteristics of any revolutionary and/or responsible individual.

(users, moderators and administrators)

To be able to participate in these forums you must:

1.- Be 18 years old or older.
This way you are responsible for the vocabulary you use, the images you post, and the opinions you share with others.

2.- Be willing to state and debate your political opinions with respect toward others who may be interested in the topic in question.

3.- Have a valid and active e-mail address; as this will be needed in order to activate your account, and it is one of the ways you will have to contact the administrators of Revolución al Día.org for any suggestions, corrections, or complaints.

4.- You must become a member of the forum. You can do this by filling in a quick questionnaire or by sending an e-mail to: admin@revolucionaldia.org with the user name and e-mail address you wish to use since the form is in Spanish (You can change the language once your account has been activated). Once your account has been activated, you will be able to participate freely in the forum by creating new discussions, reply to existing ones, and create surveys; you will be able to participate in any sub-forum you wish to, however, your participation must be made in the same language of the sub-forum that you wish to participate in.

5.- Abide and respect the rules and regulations of the forum.

Revolución al Día.org cannot be made responsible for the content that is published by our members. However, we assume the responsibility of protecting everyone's privacy by giving our assigned moderators the necessary tools to eliminate any kind of message that might contain personal and private information, data and/or any other content that violates the rules and regulations of the forum.

The participants (users, moderators and administrators) who are members of Revolución al Día.org, will not, under any circumstance, share personal or private data and information of any other participant nor that of any other 3rd party unless they have authorization to do so. Each user is responsible for any personal data or private information they decide to make public about themselves and any consequence that this might bring upon them.

Only certain personal and private information of public figures, which is already part of public knowledge, can be shared (with prior approval). However this information must be accompanied by its respective source of publication; even so, this type of information will be deleted from this forum if it is deemed to having been posted with the intention of causing any kind of aggression or intimidation toward the individual in question.

Participants (users, moderators and administrators) that are members of Revolución al Día.org will observe the following rules:

1.- Will not deviate from the topic being discussed in any given thread.

2.- Will not use any kind of degrading or fowl language while creating a new discussion or replying to existing ones. This does not apply to the usage of slang or popular sayings.

3.- Will not discriminate in any way shape or form, including toward: disabilities, gender, ethnicity, political tendency, religion, social class or sexual preference.

4.- Will not publish nor share messages, videos or images with obscene or pornographic material.

5.- Will not post messages written only in capital letters.

The rank of “Administrator” will be given by the webmaster to the person who will act as the coordinator and supervisor of the content published at Revolución al Día.org. She/he will have Access to the system tools that allow the activation/deactivation of user accounts, sanction users and/or moderators who do not abide by the Rules and Regulations of this forum. She/he will be the recipient of reports made by the moderators, suggestions, inquiries or complains that any user might have.

The rank of “Moderator” will be given to selected users who completely abide by the Rules and Regulations of Revolución al Día.org. They will have access to tools that will allow them to move, combine, edit and separate any post that violates the norms. They are authorized by the administrator(s) to mediate the peace, respect, and adhesion to the rules and regulations of the forum among the users.

Thank you for participating at Revolución al Día.org!!


Jorge López.
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