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It's time to end this...

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Registrado: 30 Sep 2007
Mensajes: 703
Ubicación: Venezuela

MensajePublicado: Lun Dic 08, 2014 9:30 am    Título del mensaje: It's time to end this... Responder citando

I came across this article and thought that I would share it with y'all...

Police in Canada and the US are arming themselves to the teeth with war weaponry. They are using excessive force against the people who pay their salaries, ordered to do so by the people we elect as our so called representatives in government.

The rule of law is warped. Law exists against the common folks, while hundreds of rich people get to do whatever they want to the rest of us and to the earth. The law is there to shut us up and allow these degenerates to bring our human race to the brink of extinction.

If these things don't wake you up to the horrible future that awaits our world if we allow these degenerates to keep steering the way to the future, then you are a fool.

But what can any of us do? You may ask yourself and those around you. Well by your own, not much really, just rant on some subject, or for some cause, and that will be the end of it, no one will give two cares about what you rant. But together, you and those near you can organize and meet up with others that thought they could do nothing on their own, and forgetting about personal interests, having the picture of what is to come if you do nothing clear in your minds, fight against it! Make your presence seen with all the rest of the people who see what you see and are willing to put a stop to it. Just your presence and your opting out of their system of economic slavery will bring them down.

People all over have ideas of how to do things better so that we don't have to think of all the solutions on our own. We can participate in the implementation and realization of such solutions. Left-wing countries in South and Central America have already begun to put forth laws that will limit the harm that the very rich can inflict upon the population. Bolivia has given constitutional Human Rights to Mother Earth, and this is happening now. If they can realize the harm that these degenerates can cause to the human race and to the earth, why can't North Americans realize the same thing and act to change things?

The time has come for you to stop thinking of your own survival, your own causes, your daily life and come out to do something so that your descendants don't have to have such worries. Organize, plan and act. Use their laws against them, act with in them but unrelenting, ever forward. We have to save the earth and they are not willing to help us out. It's time to end this.


Saludos y respetos
¡Patria Socialista o Muerte Capitalista!
¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!
¡Estamos Venciendo!
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