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Spilling the beans

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Registrado: 30 Sep 2007
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Ubicación: Venezuela

MensajePublicado: Vie Jun 14, 2013 6:35 am    Título del mensaje: Spilling the beans Responder citando

Spilling the beans

How wonderful it is to become aware that our galaxy is moving away from the Universal center at 600 Kilometers per second, that is 3600 kilometers per minute or 216,0000 kilometers per hour. At the same time our Sun moves at a speed of about 240 Kilometers per second around the galactic center or 14400 kilometers per minute or 864,000 Kilometers per hour. At the same time the earth is moving at a speed of 107,300 kilometers per hour around the sun and spinning around it's axis at a speed of 1,674.4 Kilometers per hour. Remember that the speed of sound is 1,235.52 Kilometers per hour. Can you feel it? Can you dig it?

We are moving so fast that it's mind boggling and we don't even feel it. We are never in the same place in the universe Ever! Even if you are standing still you are never in the same place. Like the present you are constantly moving and ever changing. Keeping this in mind just think that our speed is also variable since if the earth moves in the same direction as the sun is spinning around the galactic center you must add the speed of the Earth to that of the Sun and when the earth is traveling on the other side of the orbit we must subtract the speed of the earth from the speed of the sun around the galaxy. In the same way we must add the speed of the Sun to the speed of the Galaxy when it is traveling in the same direction as the galaxy's center and subtract it on the other side, but of course we would not feel that since it happens once every 200 million years which is the orbit of our sun around the galactic center. So the Speed that might be more perceivable is that of the earth around the sun.

The question then becomes, how does all that changing in speed affect us and all the living beings on our planet and every other inhabited planet that might exist? I take this liberty to consider that since there are between 100 and 400 billion stars in our galaxy, it would be pretty selfish to think that we are all alone in the galaxy. But the distances between the stars are so great that it is practically impossible to travel from one star to another. Not only that but we must consider the implications of the speeds at which everything is moving. The calculations to get from one star to another are incredible. We must calculate where the galaxy is going to be by the time we get to another star and we must travel at least as fast as the galaxy as not to be left behind by it.

If we think about it a bit we can see that our planet is this huge spaceship taking us on a journey away from the universal center at mind boggling speeds. Very hard to comprehend how fast we are traveling. Harder still to comprehend why we don't feel it at all, or do we? but our bodies are so used to it that we don't even notice it?

It is a wonder to behold and contemplate. To realize this fact and to internalize it give us a new perspective in life. Yet it brings forth another realization. We physically can never leave this planet. We are here for keeps. Sure we can travel to the near by planets easy enough. But to travel to other stars it is a completely different story and given the fact that all the galaxies are moving away from each other it is practically impossible to travel between galaxies.

So? We have to make sure that our little spaceship is kept in good working order so that life can continue to flourish on it. We have to take care of our world. Why us? Well for one thing we are the only ones that can begin to comprehend the place we live in and the universal conditions that keep us here. According to scientists we are the most advanced sentient beings on this planet and thus upon us falls the responsibility to protect our world. Protect it against internal and external enemies.

So just who are the internal enemies? All those really rich people that never take this things in consideration and only worry about keeping their power over the world at any cost. Those people that don't care about the environment, they don't care about what we are ingesting or how that might be affecting our lives. They don't care about the destructive methods that are being used to extract the riches from our world and they don't care about the fact that due to their greed and that of their ancestors we find ourselves in a position of probable extinction of life on our world.

Lucky for us we have not encountered any external enemies, for if we had we would surly not be here writing and reading and contemplating our fate. So we must deal with this internal enemies of our world. We must make sure that they do not continue destroying it because if they achieve it we are all dead and there will be no one to tell what happened.

How do we defeat this enemies of our world? TOGETHER! We have to stop sticking to our mislay individual causes. We must stop being selfish and we must embrace each other and unite together in order to come up with a way to defeat them once and for all. A new world is definitely possible but we must want it together. We have to stop pulling in all kinds of directions each due to individual problems affecting a small percentage of the world human population and even smaller portion of the live beings that exist on our planet. Our individual problems are meaningless compared to he dangers that we face together, not just humanity but all living beings on this planet.

Your rights? They mean almost nothing compared to the dangers we face. We have to pull together under the flag of the fight for our right to live and for our children and descendants to live on this beautiful world. We must pull together we must stand together and we must fight the rich and powerful together. That is the only way that we will win this war. For be sure in your heart of hearts it is a war for survival.

I stopped supporting causes cause I found that they are meaningless compared to the fight that we must give in order to save our lives. And until such a time that people realize this reality and decide to come together to save the world I will not join any movement nor any cause. There are bigger fish to fry people wake the heck up and come together. One world that is all we have and to save it we need one heart one love.

Merry part and blessed be.


Saludos y respetos
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