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Here is an article written by an American idiot & our re

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MensajePublicado: Vie Feb 21, 2014 12:10 pm    Título del mensaje: Here is an article written by an American idiot & our re Responder citando

The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch
Anonymous Reply
February 21, 2014 at 12:04 pm

This article was written by someone who has no idea of what is really going on in Venezuela and means to aid the disinformation efforts that the international media led by the American private media such as CNN and FOX to create in the public an opinion biased against the democratic process that Venezuela lives. The resent violence disguised as “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” are being blown out of proportion by reporters that have no clue of what is really going on, or if they do have a clue they do not want the world to know about it. Venezuela is a country were the people have gotten tired of the exploitation of the capitalist fascist governments that they had before 1998. Before that date, the Venezuelan people suffered extreme poverty that reached up to 60% of the population. Since the mid 70′s, the fascists in Venezuela found a way to become really rich by “BORROWING” money from the International money fund and the world bank in the name of the Venezuelan people. None of this debt was ever paid, and they borrowed billions of $. The result was an inflation that reached at it’s worst moment 100% in one year. This while having a freeze in the salaries. Some people were so poor that they would make spaghetti sauce with dog food because they could not afford to buy meat in the market. During the fascist democracy in Venezuela from 1960-1998 there were only 11 elections, no one was asked if they agreed with the constitution, elections were fixed due to the fact that the counting of the votes was done manually and without any real control. Millions of left wing Venezuelans were assassinated and disappeared, by being thrown from helicopters and other nice tactics developed by the school of the Americas, an American institution meant to train security forces on repression tactics and how to hunt down Communist.

In the 14 years of revolutionary government Venezuela has enjoyed 18 elections, the people have the last word via referendum on any constitutional changes. I don’t remember very well, Does that happen in the states? Is that a democracy over there? Any way, during this revolutionary government the security and police forces have been untrained from the salvage teachings of the School of the Americas, and been taught about human rights and to defend and protect the people no matter what their political views are. However the fascists have been unable to retake power in Venezuela because the great majority of the population is continent of that dark past and does not want the killing, starvation and persecution to return to our lives. This has created a great frustration not only for the national fascists such as Leopoldo Lopez, Henrique Capriles, and all the very rich people that used to govern our country, but for the fascists in the American government who want Venezuela to return to the time when they would take Venezuelan oil for next to nothing, $9/barrel with 1% tax on it. This frustration has resulted in several intents of toppling the government. At first they had a lot of support from a great many people in Venezuela, this is what gave them the courage to do a coup d’Êtat in 2002 & 2003, but the grate mistake that they made was killing their own people with sharp shooters. They tried the strategy of killing people on both sides to spark a civil war. This back fired on them as an important number of their supporters abandoned their street efforts and opted to support in the democratic process, voting for the opposition leaders democratically instead of joining the crowds in the streets and running the risk of being shot by their “own people”.

It has gotten to the point that the opposition in Venezuela does not have any street support from their followers, the people of Venezuela have shown that they trust the Venezuela electorate system and this is shown by the record number of participants during any elections of any level of government. The Venezuelan electorate system was even praised by ExPresident Carter as being “THE MOST SECURE AND RELIABLE ELECTORAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD” If only the American people could enjoy such a beautiful system. Any ways, the American Government has grown frustrated because they have poured hundreds of millions of dollars in support of toppling the Venezuelan government, but have had no result since the people in Venezuela in it’s majority prefer to have a government that takes care of them by using the money from oil and other natural resources to help the improvement of life conditions in the country, instead of taking it all for themselves leaving the people to starve. Unlike the people in the world that believe in what the private media throws at them, the Venezuelan people are not stupid, they are fully aware that it is only this government that has eradicated illiteracy, has brought health centers to every corner of the country, has build up the highway systems, has created university campuses in every state of the country, has brought second and third level medical support to most communities in the country and has supported our athletes in an epic manner which now make Venezuelan athletes better able to compete and measure themselves against the best in the world, being the best in the world themselves in many sports.

The current situation in Venezuela has been brought about by a push from the American government to topple the government in order to recover that almost free supply of oil, which Venezuela enjoys the honor of having the biggest reserves of oil in the world. In the last 10 years over 10 American diplomatic personnel have been caught financing, training and giving guidelines to the Venezuelan opposition leaders and parties, they have created a bunch of non government agencies, supposedly to promote democracy in a democratic country… How does that make sense to any of you stupid people that believe all the shit you are being fed by your international private media is beyond me… but anyways… These diplomatic personnel have been declared Persona Non Grata in Venezuela and have had to leave the country only to be replaced by others who continue to do their work of preparing the opposition for another coup attempt. Which is what is going on right now. The small focuses of violence are not meant to topple the government really, but to give images for the international media to use as examples of the turbulence that the country is under, trying to make it look like kosovo or something, so that the stupid people of the world support the called recently made by an American Congressman who said that “The United States has to mobilize troops and airplane carriers to Venezuela in order to protect “AMERICAN OIL INTERESTS” in Venezuela, Among other things he calls for the neighboring countries like Colombia, Peru and Chile to prepare a joint army to control Venezuela while they place another puppet government in that country.

The opposition in Venezuela is greedy, they don’t give a shit about anything but those American bucks that they are getting, so they will do their darnest to create violence to please their masters. So the American and European fascists have toppled Libya, Iraq, Egypt and they are trying to topple Siria and Iran amongst other leftist countries in Europe as you see in the news. All of these insurrections have enjoyed the beautiful color of the American green bills. But Venezuela is not those other countries, even the opposition supporters are not like those people, most of us who support or not the government believe in peace and democracy, we believe that if the opposition wants to take back the power that the people took from them, the only way to do it is with the electorate ballots and not rioting in the streets looking for an unconstitutional end to the revolution. This is why there is almost no one in the streets this time around, people from both sides are sick of the greed that the fascists have and the inability that they have to make any proposal to the Venezuelan people that would get them the power they so desire.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you learned something this day, and if nothing else, learn away from private media, they are fucking with your head, and the fascists love it when you can’t think for yourself.



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